Multiple voices make education more effective and enjoyable!

The COVID-19 pandemic forced educators across the country to perform training and continuing education for the pest control industry through webinars and other remote methods. These tools were employed to overcome the in-person limitations of “shelter in place"; however, an unexpected positive occurred. Pre-existing barriers experienced by some technicians (e.g., people with limited access to training centers or reliable personal transportation) were eliminated by the new abundance of virtual training options. These remote courses made educational materials accessible to more technicians and elevated the professionalism of the entire industry.  

With this in mind, the LEE School of Pest Control was founded with the mission to make science-based education for the pest control industry more accessible. Jennifer, Chelle, and Janet work to create high quality, remote education courses that incorporate a variety of learning methods including:

  • Video lectures​
  • Closed captioning
  • Reading assignments
  • Self paced learning
  • Regular assessment

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