Consultant consortium creates School of Pest School to deliver high caliber virtual trainings about science-based pest control


Memphis, TN 3/16/2023- Jennifer Gordon, Ph.D., Chelle Hartzer, B.C.E., and Janet Kintz-Early, Ph.D. created and launched The School of Pest Control, a virtual training academy that delivers science-based, on-demand training courses for anyone in the pest control industry.

“Training is an essential part of a successful pest control business,” says Hartzer. “Many training programs are a repeat of the same old information that has been around for years, but we have worked hard to deliver new information in several formats.”

The School of Pest Control combines the experience and knowledge of different experts to provide engaging, high quality, and current training. Trainings are targeted to pests, aspects of IPM, account types, and more. After completing, there is a quiz at the end to ensure the learner has retained critical information and a certificate is provided.

"The information in these trainings can give you an advantage when tackling a tough problem at an account,” Gordon began. “However, the information is valuable to many different people working to solve pest problems.”

New technicians, current employees, sales, administration, marketers, and anyone interested in in-depth and up-to-date information on science-based pest control can use the invaluable information in these courses. Better trained employees result in better service, happier customers, and improved employee retention. Additionally, marketing and sales can use the content to reach their desired clients, and researchers may get that intellectual spark that leads to innovation after taking a course.

This is just the beginning for The School of Pest Control. “Launching the courses was just the first step,” stated Kintz-Early. “We are actively working to provide continuing education credits in the future.”