Science-Based Mosquito Control

From 1980 to 2010, the number of days perfect for mosquitoes increased for the majority of the US. Given this reality, demand for mosquito control has also increased. To protect both people and the environment, the best way to manage mosquitoes uses an integrated approach. Folks using science-based mosquito control collect data to make informed control decisions and use all tools available and reasonable.

This course outlines the key components of an integrated mosquito management plan. Learners will leave with greater knowledge about science-based mosquito control and better equipped to implement the concepts in their own operations.

About Jennifer R. Gordon

Jennifer R. Gordon earned her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in entomology. She is the founder and principal consultant at Bug Lessons and has spoken all over the world at scientific conferences, corporate meetings, sales presentations, committee meetings, in-person and virtual trainings, and more. For three European markets, she educated customers and employees resulting in a 32% increase in sales. Her technical experiences include insecticide resistance, bed bugs, mosquitoes, surface disinfection, fumigation and urban pest management. Gordon has worked in the consumer-packaged goods, professional products, and service provider industries developing products and strategies and performing services that protect public health.


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