Science-Based Pest Control

People store dried, preserved products for later use such as flour, pasta, pet food, collectibles, and antiques. Unfortunately, over 100 different species of stored products pests also want to use these items for their food. In fact, some have estimated that stored product pests damage approximately 10% of the world’s stored grain. Given the huge impact posed by these pests, different groups of stakeholder work to minimize the effects of stored product pests.

The best programs that effectively minimize the risk from stored product pests use an integrated approach that focuses on timely monitoring, accurate identification, and preventative/sanitation methods. However, everyone (including building managers and homeowners) can take actions to reduce the damage from stored product pests.

Participants who take this course will learn many of the necessary components to create an integrated pest management plan to protect stored products from pests. Specifically, this course with address:

  • An introduction to stored product pests that help the learner begin to think strategically about control
  • A review of some of the common stored product pests encountered in home and commercial settings
  • A discussion of some real-world case studies involving these pests
  • Important information to prevent infestations and clean-up potentially attractive food sources
  • Physical and chemical control tools pest management professionals may use when addressing a problem

About Jennifer R. Gordon

Jennifer R. Gordon earned her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in entomology. She is the founder and principal consultant at Bug Lessons and has spoken all over the world at scientific conferences, corporate meetings, sales presentations, committee meetings, in-person and virtual trainings, and more. For three European markets, she educated customers and employees resulting in a 32% increase in sales. Her technical experiences include insecticide resistance, bed bugs, mosquitoes, surface disinfection, fumigation and urban pest management. Gordon has worked in the consumer-packaged goods, professional products, and service provider industries developing products and strategies and performing services that protect public health.

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