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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the framework for all pest control methods. Learn more here!

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If you don't know your pests, how do you know what to do? Save time and money with correct identification.


Incorrect applications can result in call-backs or violations. Learn the correct use of pesticides today!


Ms. Chelle Hartzer


Founder & Chief Entomologist @ 360 Pest Consulting

Urban Pest Control Consultant | Training Expert |

Scientific Advisor | Professional Speaker

“Chelle is a delight to work with! Her in-depth technical expertise is amplified by her creativity and engaging personality, making the topic of pest management exciting and attainable."

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Dr. Janet Kintz-Early

Founder & Urban Entomologist @ JAK Consulting Services

Pesticide Research | Professional Speaker | Expert Witness | Pesticide Registration Consultant | Pest Control

"Janet always provides technically rewarding presentations that are delivered with passion and enthusiasm. The attendees constantly interact with questions and everyone walks away with knowledge and a smile."

Dr. Jennifer Gordon

Founder & Principal Consultant @ Bug Lessons Consulting

Urban & medical entomology | Claims | Strategy | Insecticide resistance | Science communication | IPM | Fumigation

"I was amazed by Jennifer's depth of knowledge about any topic related to entomology. You could share a random picture of an insect and she would give you a long list of interesting facts about that. She is like a live version of an entomology encyclopedia."